Clipping Outsource provides all kinds of image processing services with the help of latest adobe photo editing softwares (e.g. Adobe Photoshop CS6, adobe Illustrator CS6 Adobe Indesign CS6 package). As we know “A picture is worth a thousand words” by Tess Flanders, Clipping Outsource are glad to show some of completed tasks that was done in our design studio.

Clipping path service



So, what we have done with this bag image mentioned above on this web page, We open the original picture in Adobe Photoshop software that is enormously known to the photographer or photo editor like we do. Using Pen Tool, we draw clipping path around the edge of the bag to select the bag so that we can rid of the background. When clipping path is done all over the object we select the image and delete the background in order to give pure white background that you can use wherever you want.

On the there hand, you see one image with original background which is called “before” and another one is in transparent background that indicate as “after”. It shows the clipping path can be done and isolate the background to save in transparent background thereafter it carries all the possibilities to use anywhere on any background color you like to use. Now it is your turn to make a decision how you want your files to be clipped in our studio. What you need is please let us know your requirements, ask for a free trial that is available 24/7 hours, you can also ask free quotation. We are offering very attractive low cost clipping path service (flat rate) if you have more than thousand images. We know price and quality both important for you while turnaround has significant value therefore we assure all of these terms in order to keep longer business relationship.

Still, you are not sure what is clipping path actually means, how we can help with your images, no problem let us know your curiosities directly via this contact form. We are happy to answer all of your inquiries as soon as possible (approximately within 30 minutes). Or check out our clipping path tutorial where we try to guide you steps by steps with screenshots. Now you understand that your photos need clipping path treatment, then do not delay applying for a free trial, or ask free quote showing your sample files with the approximation number of images you will have.

Drop shadow service 



Drop shadow is nothing but an illusion between the image and the background surface that is created with the help of Adobe Photoshop software using different features and tools. So why do you need drop shadow under the images you have? What can be the reason to use drop shadow? Well, if you think psychologically and observe the drop shadow samples in this paragraph, you can notice the original image (Before) is kind of messy and distract your eye contract to view all the parts of the chair while the completed image on white background with handmade drop shadow feels you to stimulate the chair for a certain period of time. This is important when you sell products online such as ebay, amazon etc or your personal ecommerce website.

So, how we create drop shadow or natural shadow with Photoshop for your photos. You can learn how to create drop shadow or natural shadow visiting our tutorial pages. Now you know how to do it and how long it takes for an image, but the issue is you may have a lot of images to process every day or you do not have time to handle by yourself. In this case, our dedicated professional photo editor ready to serve you around the clock. It depends how you want the files to be completed and the price for both requirements are the same. Are you anxious to know the price or to see more samples we already did then visit work sample page and get the idea about our quality of work. You can send request for pre quotation or sign up after that upload a couple of files to get accurate price for all of your tasks.

Image retouching service 



When your images are imperfect, scratch, dust, blurred, light reflected, unwanted color, etc. destroy their natural view where you want us to get back its original view or making the images more attractive. We do use stamp tool in photoshop (photo editing software) to get rid of these unwanted things from the image with our experienced photo editor. Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) professionals have been doing all kinds of photo retouching, image retouching tasks more than decades, that makes us confident however the complexity of retouching require. We guarantee you will be relaxed and be happy with the quality of retouching whereas we charge very reasonable price than competitor’s does.

You can try with asking free trial up to 2 images. We give most priority for trial job and mostly deliver within 1-3 hours depending on the complexity of trial jobs are. In addition, We are making tutorials for all kinds of services we offer. If you are interested to discover something using photoshop or want to learn how to retouch your photos, then have a look throughout our tutorial page. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for the basic user to advanced.

The issue is even you know how to do clipping path, image retouching, creating drop shadow, image manipulation, creating reflection, image enhancement, color correction, etc., although you need to outsource when you have a lot of images that requires treatment every day. Basically, our clients are from graphic industries, publication agencies, photographers, since they need to proceed many images periodically. So hurry up! Try our low cost services.

Image masking service 



As I already mentioned clipping path and image masking is done from the same perspective to take out the object from the image and delete the existing background of photography. We do clipping path manually in photoshop if client sends us a solid edge of pictures, such as bag, mobile, clothes or anything that has no fur area around the edge of the image. Applying clipping path to photos of people, or anything else where fur, fleece, pelt can not precisely cut out and even it is not possible to take all the details of the hair. No worries, Photo editing software (Adobe photoshop) tools help us to take these portions of the images accurately.

So, how we do it in photoshop. Well, this photoshop masking technique is a little bit complex task, but see our masking tutorial to learn image masking process. We try our best to instruct how photoshop masking technique is used. What you need is feel interest to learn clipping mask and keep practicing. You can learn it easily but cannot obtain the desired quality until you do not keep practicing. If you are a busy person, you do not have time to learn it or not interest at all to learn photoshop. Or maybe you operate a company where thousand of images are being proceeded everyday. You are looking for outsourcing your images. Eventually, I assure you are in the right place at the right time. We are giving a great offer to the companies, photographers as well as individuals who are willing to obtain our services.

Our price starts from 0.30 USD per image for clipping path to remove the background. If you have more than 100 images, please ask quote directly to get the special discount. You think these services are not your interest, your requirements are different then no problem. Simply let us know your needs and we will try to give you the exact service since we are skilled with all photoshop services.

Image manipulation service 



When we talk about image manipulation services it involves with many tasks in photoshop. I mean we manipulate the image with photoshop in such a way to introduce its characteristics or give the perfection of its originality it would bear. Image manipulation can be used in different terms, but here we have been trying to show with an example of T-shirt. What we have done for this cloth item (T-shirt) is we have done clipping path around the object and delete the background. Secondly, we take other parts of the T-shirt (neck portion) and filled out by retouching and now it looks like complete T-shirt. One important thing we have done is we created shadowing inside the shirt collar to show its depths.

If you see the neck joint sample, you can notice the same process has applied in button part of the T-shirt and hand’s collar. We have tried to show every example file in three kinds of background colors, but it has unlimited possibilities to use multiple color as a background. You can learn image manipulation trick in photoshop if you follow the steps by step procedure in our tutorial page.

This is one of popular service among other image processing services we offer. Our clients are very happy with for these types of work. Because we are able to maintain all the jobs in 24 hours. You can ask for a free test and we are happy to provide you within a short time. So, you are not taking any risk while you are pre-confirmed how the neck joint quality will be delivered from us. Or let us know if you have any other concerns regarding our services.

Image editing service 



Sometimes people are confused what image editing actually means. Does it mean doing clipping path and remove the background? Does it mean to make the background white and create drop shadow on the image? Does it mean making reflection shadow? Or changing color of the image, etc. Well, we say image editing service is all combinations of other services we offer these are photoshop clipping path, image manipulation, retouching, drop shadow, modify color.

Our image editing sample files are proven what is actually image/photo editing means. As always, you can visit our tutorials page and learn it. Or let us know your requirements after that we will follow all the steps to enhance the image editing tasks. Not sure how much does it cost? Well, please contact us directly or request for free quote. Our excellent support team will reply you immediately.

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