Frequently Asked Questions


Get a trial

How do I apply for a free trial?
YPlease fill the free trial form with attaching 2 images. We will complete the trial job in 1-2 hour.
How do I receive the completed trial files?
We will send you the completed files, attaching in the email or via if the file size is bigger than 10 MB. 
What should I do if I am not satisfied with the free trial job?
Although we give 100% good quality services sometimes your expectation can be more so we will do all modifications till you are satisfied.
What should I do if I am satisfied with the free trial job?
 Well, you can ask for quotation, sign up or contact us directly for the next steps.

Be a partner

What is the process to become your outsourcing partner?
Please sign up with our website. Contact us what services do you need from us or anything else. 
How long should I wait to a get reply from Clipping Outsource?
We take maximum 25 minutes to reply to the new enquiry. We have dedicated support team for individual inquiries. 
How do I ask for free quote?
You can fill out the free quote form. We will let you know in details via email as soon as possible.
What should I do if my quotation is accepted?
Well, you will be requested to sign up if you not yet registered. Then you will be given permission to upload files through our online Uploader, FTP or any third parties namely 

File transfer process

How do I upload/download files?
As a client, you can log-in your account and use the online Uploader to transfer files. You can upload 100 MB in size of each file when you use our online Uploader.
How can I transfer more than 100 MB in size of files?
Please ask for your individual FTP account. We will create FTP account manually and send you the credentials. You can upload unlimited files in unlimited size.
What FTP software should I use?
You can use any of free client site FTP software. There are many free FTP software. Please visit this page.
Can I use any other methods to transfer files?
Yes,  you can use any third parties such as Dropbox. Even you can share files from your server. In this case, you should send us your FTP. 

Pricing, Payment process

What is your secret for such a low price?
Well, we are in a low labor cost region even we are in the rural area where living cost is low. We take this advantage and able to offer you low cost clipping path or other image editing services
How can I owe you?
We do not ask to pay in advance. We normally create invoice after the job is done and send via email. You will find a link to that invoice or you can directly sign in your account and see the invoices in my invoices section. There you can select and pay using your desired payment method (e.g. PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer). Other payment methods also possible just let us know how you want to pay.
Is it possible to pay on a monthly basis?
Yes, you can pay us monthly as well. But you need to notice us that how do you want to pay monthly. We will make an agreement regarding payment in monthly basis.
Will I be invoiced if I am not satisfied with the quality?
We assure 100% quality work so, We hope it will not happen. Even it happens, we will not charge you. 


Safety and security

Will you use my images for your commercial interest?
No, we have terms and conditions not to use any credentials of clients. We give keep all images and personal details safe. But we are allowed to use your free trial files to show our quality of works either our website or any social media. 
What do I do if I lost my last order files?
We do not keep files for longer period to our local and server system. Normally, we keep last two orders in our server. So, we cannot retrieve older files if you ask. But you may ask us if the completed files are still available.
Do you keep card details or any payment details?
Sorry, we do not keep your credit card or payment details for security reason. Our payment methods are highly trusted and secured.
How do I know all the security concerns?
Please read our terms of use and privacy policy pages to get in touch what security and safety you will get from us. 

Our supports

Can I get support on weekends?
Clipping Outsource provides 24 hours support in 365 days in a year. Whenever you have any concerns contact us. We will try our best to give you the support.
What should I do if the quality is not good or need any modification?
Even we guarantee 100% good quality, there might be mistaken or wrong instruction. No problem, we will do all the correction without any extra cost even giving high priority on the correction files.
What should I do if I have very urgent work?
Simply contact with us. We will try to support immediately if possible.

If you think these questions answer does not cover what you want to ask then please contact us directly.   Contact us