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Hiring design specialists and managing the required picture editing tools for one's own organization are definitely expensive as well as time-consuming. Instead of creating an in-house team of photo editors, it is always better to outsource the task of image-improvement to the experts. The Clipping Outsource, who are proficient at what they, do has a wide range of valuable resources. We deliver high-quality pictures in the given deadlines. By offering significant services such as image manipulation, clipping path, image masking, image retouching, image enhancement, drop shadowing, natural shadow, color correction, image resizing etc., we ensure that our client's images do not lack any valuable detail. We are good with working on the tightest possible deadlines. We understand the concerns of our customers and therefore, we work with our customers to make certain that they receive only the best.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our organization. We, at the Clipping Outsource, believe in providing fast and affordable services. Our professionals are well equipped with the best software. We know the worth of the latest software and, therefore, we upgrade each software from time to time. This is an important aspect of our services because this opens the door to the implementation of latest available methods to keep our clients happy and not to depriving them from any trending feature. You can consider The Clipping Outsource Company as your personal photo studio, which takes care of your every photo editing needs.

We work day and night to produce the best quality images and we update the current status of the assignment undertaken in the system. If you have an account on our website, you can easily track the status of your assignment by simply clicking your mouse. Clipping Outsource ensures that our customers are not left in the dark and, therefore, any time they have a query, we will connect with them within a few hours. With us working on their projects, they get the feeling of watching us all the way to the end of the project.

Irrespective of the size of the assignment in hand, we make it a priority to deliver it as early as possible without compromising the quality. If the assignment is highly complex then we take about 24 hours and the shortest assignments do not take more than a few hours for their completion. The credit of this perfection goes directly to our talented staff. While we are taking care of your image quality, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just leave the photo editing task with us and we’ll take care of it.

Reason for low cost  services than any competitor's:

Having our production house in low labor cost region, are advantages to provide clients low cost Photoshop services without compromising any quality of work. We have given price idea on the pricing page, but we encourage you to contact us in order to get more facilities that we time being available in our production house. Check out our Price .


Message from the Chairman


Dear Clients,

We are extremely happy to welcome you to our site, ClippingOutsource.com. With a cutting-edge technology usage and with a web experience assembled around clients like you, it has become easier than ever for The Clipping Outsource Company to help you in achieving success.The world is changing in every second and it is not an exaggeration when I say that the world has already changed by a significant amount during the time of writing this message. Henceforth, it is a must to keep up with the evolving times, which is the reason why we, at The Clipping Outsource, have confidence in staying informed concerning the most recent patterns and the steadily changing needs of clients. 

This deed is proficient by us by keeping up with the latest technology and a compelling cooperation from our staff. Obviously, it is a cooperation that isolates the champs from the washouts and our major groups, such as our clients, shareholders, workers, suppliers, business accomplices and their families are the main thrust behind our extraordinary development. What’s more, pretty much as the qualities that condition ourselves, our main attribute has always been the trust of our clients in us. Since it is not just about making the world’s best products, it is about building a relationship that is reliable and dependable.

As we build up a more extensive worldwide point of view with our brand name, ‘The Clipping Outsource’, our center standards of client-oriented services and cost viability continue just like before. We are as dedicated as ever to offering the predominant clipping path or Photoshop services that separate us from others in the business, and our specialists are continually working towards making our end services greater, better and more efficiently recognized all over the globe. 

At the point when organizations succeed, the personal satisfaction of our employees is significantly high. As the Clipping Outsource experts, we must keep on reinforcing our endeavors in Economic Development and Community Development. By empowering investment in projects, The Clipping Outsource individuals have a chance to form into a solid business and group pioneers. A Collaboration between the Clipping Outsource and other organizations will proceed to add value into the society.

From the present point of view, the year 2015 can be seen as a year of the test. It can be considered as a year of the gigantic door-opening. I anticipate cooperation to achieve new enrollment activities, to keep on teaming up with our business and group partners, and to push ahead with projects that improve enrollment investment and support more extensive interest from other organizations. I trust now, we are having a triumphant edge and that 2016 will be a year of multiple significant opportunities.

Our fast development could not be conceivable without the backing of our clients and accomplices, such as yourselves. We value your business and hope to work with you in the energizing year ahead.

Best Regards,

Gopal Roy (Chairman)

Clipping Outsource on the behalf of CPO Experts 

Message from the CEO


Dear Friends,

It gives me an incredible pleasure to welcome you to the Clipping Outsource site. I believe our esteemed clients will receive the best photograph altering operations, monetary execution, systems, administrations, supportability activities, and qualities during this challenging yet incredible time. This site is a part of the symbol of our dedication to straightforwardness and open correspondences to every one of our partners and also, to the more extensive observation on our exercises.

The necessity to change and adjust is constant and at The Clipping Outsource, we welcome this open door as we trust it draws out the best in us; offering us some assistance with striving further to furnish our esteemed clients with life-enhancing pictures at all times. We are roused to remain an inventive business sector pioneer, surpassing our clients’ desires in giving them a superior picture experience and in the meantime, motivating and elevating the groups we work with. One of The Clipping Outsource’s key focuses has definitely been the use of the most recent photo editing software to furnish our clients with the best image experience accessible. Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish this objective, we are required to always upgrade the installed software and this happens as we have invested effectively in this particular area.

To meet the difficulties ahead and satisfy each of our partners’ desires, we have rebuilt the organization’s vital activities concentrating on improving the client experience, operational proficiency, and individual’s improvement. We will keep on developing the business naturally and additionally energetically, incorporating and moving into adjoining organizations either through associations or acquisitions, at the same time changing into a coordinated administration supplier. We have distinguished various key development ranges that we mean to concentrate on in the upcoming years.

I anticipate itemizing all these and different advancements at the proper time, and our site will remain the perfect wellspring of upgrading data. The Clipping Resource is an example of overcoming adversity that would not be conceivable without the commitment to our clients and also with our dedicated representatives who have shared our extraordinary journey up to this point. We value the support of the individuals who are interested in The Clipping Resource’s achievements and who vow to proceed with us.

I would like to express my gratitude towards you for taking some time out of your busy life to visit The Clipping Outsource site and I wholeheartedly welcome any helpful criticism you may have.

Kind Regards,

Nitai Roy

CEO (Clipping Outsource).


Message from the Managing Director

The Clipping Outsource’s dedication to manageability and social obligation is indispensable to our progressing achievement. It is one of our Core Values and is implanted into our day by day operations. At The Clipping Outsource, we are glad for the vital part we play in giving mindful picture enhancement solutions to our clients which assist them in meeting their targets and conveying better social and natural results together.

The Clipping Outsourcer’s dedication to design creative images touches all aspects of the globe. We react to the needs of our partners and nature, completely participate with the groups we work with, put resources into our associates and make feasible client arrangements.

We enjoy executing our projects and the experience we receive from them and it is well-regarded by the majority of The Clipping Outsources customers. Our dedication to maintainability and our performance has always been appreciated by our clients. We are satisfied with the advancement that we have made in our challenging projects around our key need zones.The Clipping Outsourcer’s leadership in innovation has helped us deliver even better image enrichment as well as improved value propositions for our customers.

As we look to the new fiscal year, we are determined to fortify our commitment to maintainability. We keep on taking shots to enhance our engagement with our groups. We realize that the Clipping Outsources prosperity relies upon the achievement of the organizations with whom we work. We are focused on applying our association’s capacities through our capable collaborators in ways that increase the value of our groups, clients and colleagues wherever we work.

Our solid financial results and commitment is a demonstration of our working model, the continuous endeavors of our skilled staff and the quality of our business. We will keep on using our extensive progression, ability to convey creative answers to our clients and for end-users. The Clipping Outsource’s dedication to supportability and its execution in having a genuine effect is apparent in each task we convey. We hope that you have found reading about our achievements delightful and we would welcome your inputs and inquiries.

Best Regards,

Proshanto Kumar Roy

Managing Director


Message from the Production Manager


We have a short but nonetheless, a significant past to think back on. An extraordinary arrangement has happened following the establishment of The Clipping Outsource. The achievement of the work done by our skilled staff and the establishment of the organization has been respected and recognized many times over. Nonetheless, the workload difficulties postured by the development of the organization’s creation, we have likewise figured out how to construct an overall client-based appropriation system and have finished various undertakings in a joint effort with business accomplices which qualify the utilization of The Clipping Outsource for the more extensive scope of uses.

The Clipping Outsource has handled the assignment of enhancing the nature of your pictures with utmost respect and creativity as well as has taken a commitment to a future. On our website’s pages, you will discover an abundance of data about our contribution, our dreams and hopes about our organization; however, most importantly, you will find out about our inventive administrations. Discover The Clipping Outsource!

I am excited to state the three pillars on which our organization stands on: innovation, motivation, and dedication. Our staff utilizes the most recent, most encouraging adobe photo editing software, and also has the urge to grow new standards, try different things with new features, and even think new considerations. Our marketing team is stimulated by the desire to achieve clients in the most intriguing and unforeseen ways.

Ours is a youthful organization, in years and in mentality. We think beyond practical boundaries and we are not hesitant to experiment with even seemingly unthinkable thoughts. We consider ourselves to having a place with the third millennium and we are also headed to make an imprint in each field that we enter. We are infrequently restless with ourselves, however, we have no fear of disappointment. We understand that some of our most noteworthy learnings have originated from our disappointments. Also, they all ended up giving us our most treasured victories.  

I need to drive the business sector, I would prefer not to be driven by it. My managing guideline is: ‘Change the business sector before it transforms you.’ We have been changing the business sector, evolving pictures, evolving procedures, enriching the customers’ desires and changing attitudes with an amazingly quick pace. Be that as it may, there are a couple of things we won’t change. Our energy for picture improvement, our dedication to quality and our sympathy toward the planet, whether it is now or the decades to come.

Yours Sincerely,

Sudhir Barman

Production Manager